About Johanna Carroll

About JohannaJohanna Carroll was born in Connecticut to a traditional Catholic family. She attended parochial schools most of her life in Hamden, Connecticut. Married at a young age, she became a mother of two sons, Scot and David, in her early twenties.

She lived a very traditional New England housewife type of life until her divorce at age 36. It was during this time she went to see a psychic who told her, “You should be giving me a psychic reading. You are very spiritually gifted.

I see you going to California and becoming a healer and teacher using all your gifts for many people throughout the world.” At the time, Johanna did not realize how prophetic that message was. She did indeed move to California in 1986 and from the moment she arrived, her spiritual teachers were placed in her path.

How She Started

A Dialogue with Divinity

She began to have a connection with the world of spirit at a young age, with a burning desire to talk to God and to have God respond back to her questions. She often was a sleep walker as a child and was told later after being included in a profound book on the top psychics of the United States, that this was a common event for the 48 psychics interviewed for that book,Your Sixth Sense.

It became a quest for her to read spiritual books, and eventually led her into psychic training classes where she refined her natural gift as a highly skilled and educated psychic and medium. Fortunately, in California she was in an open spiritual environment that supported this quest and desire for quality psychic training.

Johanna began a course of study with metaphysical teachers who trained her in the art of developing her intuition and after a short time, clients showed up in her life asking for psychic readings.

The story of her first professional psychic reading is rather amazing. “It all started by accident,” Johanna stated. ”I was dating a man in San Diego and he had told a friend about Johanna carrollof his about my psychic reading gifts. She had called and wanted me to do a psychic reading and I told her I didn’t do that. She was persistent. We scheduled a time and Jan basically told me how this was going to work. She would call me, I would receive messages, tell her what the guidance was saying and she would pay me for the hour. I told her I couldn’t take the money but she insisted. The rest is history.

In the reading, I was guided to tell her that the man she was married to was a bigamist and that she needed to hire a detective to verify this. She did and he was! Then her attorney called me for information on the divorce. Oddly enough, I am now in the law case records in the County of San Diego!” Following this, Johanna, Jan and her attorney Jean were invited to be on a TV show in LA called “The Other Side.” From that day on, Johanna embraced being a professional psychic.

The Transition

Johanna also worked in the field of finance management for two large hospital systems in San Diego while conducting psychic reading sessions at nights and on weekends. She started to go to Sedona annually and began to teach spiritual seminars there while using her vacation time from the hospital to do so. She literally worked two full time jobs which became overwhelming. She decided to leave her corporate position and devoted her life to her spiritual path.

“I took a leap of faith and the more I opened my heart and soul to the messages of God, Spirit, and Universe the more magic showed up in my life. I encourage anyone who wants to make a change to let go of your fear, create a simple plan that will work and go for it. You will look back one day and ask yourself why it took you so long.”

She has written three spiritual books and is currently writing her fourth book. She teaches classes on psychic training assisting others to use their gifts responsibly personally and as a shift to a career in doing psychic readings.. She additionally was invited as a guest instructor to teach spirituality classes at Yavapai College in Sedona and was a facilitator for Northern Arizona State University.

Johanna began to receive messages from Mary Magdalene a number of years ago and from that wrote her third book My Greatest Love/My Greatest Sorrow. As a result of that Mary Magdalene book, she now offers spiritual tours to Provence France to celebrate Mary Magdalene.  These tours include many of her spiritual  ascension teachings that are so badly needed now in this time of confusion and chaos that we live in. The spiritual tour to Provence France includes wonderful lodgings, exceptional French food, picnics in the countryside, time for meditation, time for shopping, lots of laughter and a chance to recharge your soul in the most exceptional land of Provence France.

Training & Professional Accreditation’s

Johanna’s professional credentials are extensive and are listed below in her Printable Bio. Additionally, Johanna is trained as a professional psychic reader and in the esoteric art of channeling. This includes understanding the quantum physics and energy models that occur when opening up body, mind and spirit to allow a higher power of divinity to work through her. A writing professor at Brown University once stated that he felt all great books were channeled from a higher realm.

“The first time I started to feel the flow of another presence coming into me and flowing through me, was incredible,” she said. “My entire body was filled with electricity. The classes were facilitated by another teacher who really encouraged me to go the distance.

There was a small group of about six people who did this type of psychic training for well over a year and a half. At the end of our psychic training on channeling, we would sit and watch as someone would almost go into trance and start to speak.

It was beautiful and uplifting to receive such incredible wisdom beyond our imagination. The second book I wrote, A Dialogue with Divinity was completely done through channeling and automatic writing. It’s an intense discussion from three divine beings who worked through me.

I feel I am such a potpourris of many of the healing arts and also very grounded in cognitive practical teachings that expand the world of psychic readings. My life as a wife and mother and a corporate manager have really added tremendously to all that I now am in complete service to helping others in any way I can. I love my life and what I do.”

Johanna currently resides in San Marcos, California and is writing her fourth book, The Lost Art of Loving. She currently teaches classes on psychic development training called Get Psyched! and offers her spiritual tour to Provence France in addition to her spiritual seminars on ascension.

Private Sessions are psychic readings that include spiritual counseling and metaphysical teachings. Johanna Carroll receives detailed channeled messages on all aspects of your life to give you both spiritual and practical information for your daily decision making.




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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.