Johanna has developed new products for you based on her Learning through Laughter approach to sharing spiritual teachings. Watch Johanna from Malta speak about her work.

HEALING HEARTACHE is a 3-part Webinar series that gives you the spiritual ‘how to tools’ to move through and beyond heartache. Johanna has developed a 5 step Personal Progressive Pathway that will help you heal. Additionally you will learn how to consciously navigate all types of relationships; family, friends, work, lovers, spouses and children from a spiritual and healthy point of view.

Part I: Learn about healing and the destination of the soul’s intention. Johanna also will present the 5 Steps to Progressive Partnership of self and soul. How can you move beyond the past with your spiritual glasses on?

Part II: The importance of sacred space within and without. Simple breathing techniques to move you from heartache to healing. How do you practice courting your own soul’s desires? Learn how you can shift your ability to manifest more peace in your life.

Part III: Review of how the past is the history of your soul and the blessings bestowed even when in pain. A focus on developing the inner friend and lover. How to apply the Laws of Manifestation that create a divine connection to the harmony of all that is.

You may purchase each part at $10 or you can purchase all 3 for $25. A link and password will be emailed to you automatically upon purchase.


Listen to Johanna on the benefits of Healing Heartache Webinar Series.

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