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In this 23 minute program, Johanna Carroll, international spiritual teacher and author discusses her own amazing journey of over 20 years from divorced Connecticut housewife to corporate America into the life of being in spiritual service to thousands of people around the world and a channel for Mary Magdalene. Messages from Spirit is a Podcast format of mini spiritual teachings that include many pearls of wisdom from her spiritual books and spiritual seminars on ascension. States Johanna, ‘I want to share spiritual teachings and show you how you can lead a life of deeper fulfillment, passion and purpose and have the soul partnership you deserve.’

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So today I want to introduce myself to you and tell you a little bit about who I am. My goal in doing that is to introduce the fact that I will be doing programs at least twice a week under the spiritual heading.

To sort of introduce you maybe to a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at your life, a new way of looking at who you are in the world, looking at your purpose whether you’re a man or a woman and getting a deeper spiritual connection in your life to give you more purpose, more passion and certainly a lot more peace in your soul.

This is how it all started for me. I was born and raised in Connecticut in a tiny little town called Hamden and I was raised in a very New England catholic family, I went to catholic school practically all my life including part of college. I remember in church sitting there as a little kid around 10 years old and the priest would be up there and he would be saying things and I would say I don’t think … God doesn’t think that way, that’s not true. And of course because I lived in a very strict household I certainly never went home and said you know the priest is wrong.

So I knew that there was more than this whole religious aspect even from when I was 10 years old my desire was always not just to talk to God but to have God answer me back. I wanted this relationship and here I am 10 years old and I don’t really know the depth of what that really means. So I remember I was a sleepwalker when I was a little kid. I used to sleepwalk a lot and I was included in a book about 15 years ago called Your Sixth Sense by a very well known psychologist Belerus Naparstek and basically what she did she interviewed what she considered to be the top, I think she had 48 psychics and tutors in the United States. I was very blessed and extremely grateful to be included in this group and one of the things we all had in common is as little kids we were all sleepwalkers.

So what does that mean? Does that mean if you’re not walking in your sleep at night then you’re not psychic? No of course not. I believe that we all have this gift, this connection, this intuition; commonly women are thought to be more intuitive than men because psychology says that we are more in touch with our feelings. I’m not sure that’s really true. I’ve met a lot of men who are extremely sensitive, not just emotionally sensitive but sensitive to the word we don’t see.

So meta-physics, Meta is the word that means beyond. When someone is a metaphysician or works with metaphysics they are looking at the world beyond that which you see but exist nonetheless.

Here I am 10 years old sitting on my blue shag carpet in Hamden, Connecticut very late at night looking out the window and I was like come on God I want you to show up. And it started to show up in little subtle ways, and I do remember one night, you know you’re very innocent obviously at that age and the pure state of the soul is divine innocence. So here I am I haven’t been particularly tainted by the world on any great level and I did start to see something float in front of the window… well it scared the u know what out of me and so I jumped back into the bed, pulled the covers over my head and that was the end of that story. So what happened after that is when I was 26 years old my second son David was born and David and I have a very unique relationship. I have an older son Scott and they’re both in their late 30s right now and by the way I am 60 years old and I’ve been practicing this whole dance actively as a career for 20 years.

The reason I wanted to do these podcasts is you know I think we need more than just getting up in the morning, going to work and paying our bills. We need to know that there’s a purpose to life and we have a mission here it’s not about being religious, it’s about integrating the balance of who I am spiritually and who I am in the physical world. I’m by letting that voice, the higher self really talk to me in the way that’s unique, private and personal for me. If you get that in a church environment I think it’s wonderful. If that doesn’t work for you and you’re looking for more, I know I have so many people who call sometimes they say, “You know I just want to go home I’m so tired.” So what does that really mean it’s like the little search that I started when I was 10 and got activated again when I was 26 when I’d hear music and voices coming from nowhere and even then I really didn’t know what that was all about.

When I was 36 years old, 10 years after that, our family got divorced and I came out to Southern California and had taken a trip down to Ensenada, Mexico and as I was sitting down on a beach praying, I had really what I call an epiphany moment. I felt like I was lifted off the sand and I really… I don’t know I was like floating in nowhere I couldn’t see anything, I didn’t hear the ocean, I didn’t hear kids screaming. I was on a beach in Mexico on a Sunday where everybody was there with their entire family; I heard nothing I was in total silence.

And then I felt this like warm oil like somebody dropped warm oil on the top of my head and it just spread through my entire body. Then when I came to, I was just soaked my bathing suit was soaked, not from water from crying, I didn’t even realized I was crying. The emotion was so overwhelming because now I knew when I said on that beach, “God please help me,” not only did God hear me, I got an answer back and now I was intrigued I had a connection, now I could start developing that relationship.

I did a very radical thing I moved from this little town in Hamden that I had lived all my life at age 36, across to the other side of the United States and it was so immediate I was halfway through the United States thinking, oh my gosh what the heck have I just done. The minute I arrived in California, things just started showing up. I really don’t know if there’s such a thing as an accident, I’d like to think that this divine plan that we’re working on puts people in places and situations in front of us so that our souls can really grow and that we can change and have a stunning life, really live heaven on earth. What does that really mean? I think what it means is that we’re peaceful, we feel joy, we get happy and we don’t know why we’re happy, we’re grateful, we see that our life really isn’t as bad as we think it is. We look deeper we realize that it’s not just material possessions.

By the way to be a spiritual person you do not have to be poor so let’s get that one out there right away. This is how I feel about that. I feel that very clearly what I am being guided to say to you is that there is a treasure chest in the universe that belongs just to you and you can have it all you’re going to have to do a little work to get some of it but the first step really is believing in yourself as an individual person, believing that there is a higher power that works through you within you. As a little kid growing up I heard God is everywhere and I never understood that. What do you mean God is everywhere? And now that I have studied quantum physics I understand that. That the energy of all that is, is in everything. Heaven is not above you, you don’t have to wait till the end of your life die to experience heaven you can have it now. All the great teachers tell us this.

So we’re at a very interesting time in our lives, we want to know what’s the soul, what’s my purpose, what’s my passion, I’m not inspired, I’m not happy, that guy that I’m dating gosh he cheated on me again, what am I doing here, will I ever have sacred love, what is sacred sex, what’s divine love, what is all this mean? So it’s my intention in these little chats that we’re going to be doing, we talk about this. What you do with that information is clearly up to you. I am not here to make anybody right wrong, good, bad, it’s not about black and white, you’ve got to find that middle area of resurrection and ascension, the grey area and let my relationship with my divine self be unique, private and personal and not be afraid to talk to God, spirit universe whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter

Science did an incredible thing. There’s sort of this merging now of, not religion and science but science and spirituality. Albert Einstein was really on a path as you all know. He absolutely felt there was a code within the Bible that was specific he tried to break that code, he didn’t have the computer technology to do that, we’re starting to have it. So we have to really ask ourselves not that we’re being overly mental this is allowing. We are in what’s called the Aquarian age right now. It the time of ascension, it’s the time of resurrection and here’s the thing, no more hidden secrets.

So how does that affect you personally? What it means for you personally is that you can’t hide from who you truly are. You’re a divine being and you’re a human being and it’s time for the partnership to really join hands. Does it mean you sit home and meditate and pray all day long? No. what it means is that that thought that there is something so much greater than myself is there. That you’re not afraid in the middle of a meeting that’s just driving you nuts and your gut is wrenching, that you can take a breath for a moment and say, “Please God, come on sit here with me get me through another day. You’re the only one that’s going to get me through this.”

And here’s why I’m asking you to think about this. I was in corporate America for many years and I was actually in the healthcare industry. I was a financial manager for six hospitals in San Diego known as Scripts Health. I had a medium sized apartment of people who absolutely hated their jobs. So every day I would go into that office trying to make it better. And here’s something you guys can probably relate to, I had a boss however who said the only thing that mattered is the bottom line.

So I went in his office one day and he was very Christian which I totally respected and in front of him on that desk was a Bible, in the office I said wow that’s pretty radical. So he went into one of his speeches again about the only thing that really matters is the bottom line and I looked at him and I said, “Well I think to get to the bottom line you have to honor the people that are helping you get there.” All I really care about was money that’s all they care about blah blah blah! So from a business stand point, yeah of course you want to meet your bottom line who doesn’t, of course you want to make more money who doesn’t, of course you want to be in the feeling of being successful, but it’s all temporary really on some level.

So I sort of tapped on the bible and said let me ask you a question with all due respect, “How would Jesus handle this?” And he started to cry, and now he became a real person, he became authentic, you know that word, I want somebody to show up with authentic. I got to see who he really was and he said, “You know you have no idea how hard this is for me and the pressure that’s all on me, what’s being asked of me and I’m worrying about my family.” And I did understand and I really was compassionate and I thought, finally we can work together here. It was interesting because the next day he came in angrier than ever. So we were living in this polarity system of love and fear and there was a lot going on in between and he chose fear and I chose to guess what? Leave and devout myself purely to being a metaphysical teacher being totally in service to the universe.

I was a little scared and I said, “Okay universe here’s the deal I’m going to be in total service to you but you’ve got to be of service to me. And I’m going to leave this corporate job and I’m going to leave this good paycheck and I’m not changing my lifestyle.” It took a little while, not a long time and things started to change.

My first client actually had heard about me through a man that I was dating and she was having a lot of problems. So she called me up and I’d only met her once and she said, “I heard you’re really psychic and I want you to do a psychic reading for me and this is what I’m going to pay you.” And I said, “Well I don’t do that professionally. “ She said, “Well that’s not what I heard.” So this is my first client. So I said, “Okay.” She basically said, “I’m going to call you at this time we’re going to be on the phone for one hour.” And it’s kind of like I got my instructions from the universe via her.

To make a long story short this woman had always wanted to have a baby and she wasn’t able to birth one herself and she had married this guy and they had adopted a child and the marriage started falling apart, it was a mess. And he wanted to take the baby away and you can imagine this precious child that she’d waited for is now being taken away from her. Here’s what came through in the reading he was a bigamist and loud and clear.

So anyway I told her I said look take this information I hope your attorney is open minded and she was thank goodness and I said, “You guys need to hire a detective,” and they did. And he indeed was a bigamist and they found this other woman. I didn’t know her I didn’t know the man she was married to, I knew nothing. So I feel that the universe really used me as an instrument of great service and so that’s the other thing I think here’s another question we really need to talk about. Was does it mean to have a job? Was does it mean to have work and how do I feel fulfilled by that?

You know the simple answer I guess was that here’s a spirit to be in service to the divine self that exists within us. Like I said before science finally they’re saying there’s 12 strands of DNA, over 25% of that DNA is devoted to a higher intelligence that science cannot quantify. They call it the God code I believe that they was an article on the cover of, I think it was time magazine. The article said God code. So anyway science is saying, “Guess what you’ve got this energy inside of you, this higher intelligence, this voice, call it God, call it the spirit, call it the universe, call it higher self, call it weirdness, call it intuition it doesn’t matter, it exists.

The question is, are you using it? Do you want to use it? I’m going to tell you the more I tapped into my intuition which is called the soul call. It’s a soul calling to me from all those particles of DNA, existing within me. So when I was a little kid and they said God was everywhere, now I knew if I wanted God to answer me back all I had to do was have a relationship with my own divine self. He wasn’t some big old guy with a white beard sitting in a chair floating in the clouds. It’s a presence it’s an intelligence and once you tap into that intelligence your life will change in a way that blessings, people, success and peace and happiness come into your life. You wake up in the morning and you say thank you, you go to bed at night and you say thank you and you’re in partnership with that.

So this is a little bit of about what I’m going to talk about so probably we’re going to do two programs per week. It’s going to be under the headings of Spirituality, you’ll hear the two chimes very lightly you’ll hear them ring and you’ll know it’s Johanna Carroll from Sedona sending you messages from spirit.

So is the show intended to do psychic readings and that kind of thing? I think that the show is intended to give you a different perspective of your life and the lives of the people around you. Sometimes we think everybody else needs to change and the reality is there’s two constants in the universe, love which is divine state of wholeness and any moment in time it really has nothing to do with anybody else it has to do with you it’s that God spirit that chi that pranayama or whatever you want to call it that wisdom that intelligence. It already exists in there, it’s there and it’s how you tap into it.

So that’s the one constant of the universe, its divine wholeness at all times it has nothing to do with giving or receiving love from another person. It’s your divine state. And the other constant in the universe is change. The universe is always growing and moving and can science say this is the beginning of the universe and this is the end? No. Because it’s always in shifting changing moment and so are we. We’re not stagnant we look into the mirror and we think we’re this solid thing but we’re really not.

So anyway some of the subjects that I’m going to cover are, some of them I think you might really like so please send me an email, you can go to Johannacarroll.com. I’ve also just finished writing my third book on Mary Magdalene who talks about women of today, relationships of today, it’s a very cool book, it’s called My Greatest Love My Greatest Sorrow. All that is in the website.

I’m not trying to sell you anything I’m trying to talk to you so that I can show you maybe perhaps from my own life experience now that I’ve hit age 60. When I turn myself over to something greater than myself my life itself became far greater. There’s also television my third TV show is on the website too if you want to hang out for a few minutes and watch that. Anyway we’re going to talk about what is the soul, we’re going to talk about divine relationships and partnerships, the difference, we’re going to talk about sacred sex, that’s a good topic, we’re going to talk about money, we’re going to talk about what it is to live a sacred life the difference of religion versus spirituality, what your purpose is what your passion is. These are all courses that I’ve taught in local universities so I want to reach you guys you know I feel like I have a mission on this earth and that’s to help people open their bodies, minds, and spirits to a new way of living in a joyous way so they can celebrate their life every day.

So I really thank you this is who I am Johanna Carroll and you can just refer to me as the Sedona psychic if that makes you feel good otherwise you can call me your spiritual mum which is what thousands of people do. So many blessings to you I’m really happy that I’m making this connection. I don’t know anything about technology but I am very blessed I have a technology angel whose put all this podcast stuff together for me so I’m just recording hitting a button and she’s doing everything else. So I’ll be on at least twice a week messages from spirits is the name of the show. You’ll find it under spirituality I thank you, I bless you and I wish for you a life filled with joy peace and tremendous bliss. Thank you and bye.


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