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A Dialogue with Divinity

Johanna Carroll has over thirty years of professional public speaking experience. A former financial asset manager for two major health care systems in San Diego, Ms. Carroll is now devoted to awakening the personal and corporate soul of America.

She is highly regarded in her field and was included in her third TV Special entitled Guides and Gurus which has been nominated for the equivalent of an Emmy Award in Canada. Additionally, she is the author of four books. She is well received in women’s groups, spousal programs and business meetings as a mature, classy and funny speaker. The following are a sampling of professionally presented keynote speeches:

FOCUS – Corporate America and Spiritual Values

These presentations give practical tools in merging your ethics, values, good manners and just plain old fashioned sense with working in corporate America and thriving!

Four Steps To Heaven – How To Live Heaven on Earth
How to stay Spiritual and Hit the Bottom Line
Dealing with Difficult People
Don’t Sell Your Soul
The Church of the Golf Course

FOCUS – Using Spiritual Tools to Live a Better Life

The Lost Art of Loving / Conscious Courtship for the Age of Ascension

Moving Beyond Balance into Wholeness / A Holistic Approach to Fulfillment
The Spiritual Mission / The Quest for Purpose
Mastering the Skills of Manifestation / Beyond The Secret
Accessing Your Inner Temple / Living a Sacred Life

FOCUS – Sacred Sites / Sacred Journeys

A Open Discussion on the Life of Mary Magdalene / France and Malta
How to Access the Divine Feminine
How to Live Your Life as a Sacred Being
Sacred Relationships / The Ceremony of Joining Souls
Why is Sedona a Sacred Site?


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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.