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The Lost Art of Loving is a spiritual guidebook to creating, healing and keeping healthy and happy relationships of all types. This fun, playful and thought provoking book is filled with many ancient or ‘lost’ spiritual teachings on loving and living life from a divinely guided perspective. Love is a state of being filled with the divine yet we often feel misunderstood or judged by friends, family, lovers, people we work with or the world at large. Johanna was inspired to write this book during a meditation following emergency heart surgery. Her second chance at life becomes your mystery school of discovery in reclaiming your spiritual inheritance of peace, love, joy and happiness. Emotional heartache is often something that can be overcome if we apply unknown or ‘lost’ teachings to our current way of life.Johanna Carroll has been a spiritual counselor, metaphysical teacher, author and radio host for over 30 years with an international practice. States Ms. Carroll ‘my desire is simple. I wish people to open their hearts and souls to see the world as a glorious spiritual playground for love and a haven of happiness.’


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