Mary Magdalene My Greatest Love, My Greatest Sorrow

Jesus and Mary Magdalene story e-book


Throughout the ages women have been labeled as whores or witches instead of the divine feminine goddesses they truly were.  Johanna Carroll had the honor to channel and act as scribe for Mary Magdalene one of the most religiously maligned women in history.  History often corrects itself thankfully and although the church retracted their position on this blessed saint and favorite disciples of Jesus, My Greatest Love / My Greatest Sorrow shares a new vision on Mary’s life on earth and how she continues to guide and teach us today. 

My Greatest Love, My Greatest Sorrow is a close intimate account of Mary’s personal relationship with Jesus and the commitment she made to him and their spiritual work together. Controversial in nature, yet written with tremendous love and warmth you will feel Mary standing by your side just as she did with the author while she scribed this story which is her third book. This divine couple is the ultimate partnership we all seek and this book shows you how to attain that.

Mary speaks about her own sacred work she did in conjunction with Jesus’ ministry. She was trained by him directly to carry on the teachings that are so badly needed even today.  This includes her family, her temple training in the mystery schools, meditation techniques Jesus taught her and her lifetime in France.  Mary also reveals an amazing new prophecy about the elections and choosing the right female head for the crown to be placed on! Is she talking about Hilary Clinton or is there another female in the wings waiting to toss her hat in the ring?

I encourage you to open your heart and your mind and let this beloved saint touch you with her truth. Open your soul to receive Mary once again and this time, let her tell you who she really was and continues to be; a cherished blessed woman guiding us all to move beyond our own limitations.


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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.