Podcast Series – The Grid of Light Around You

So often people ask Johanna Carroll how she does her readings. In this podcast Johanna explains how you are surrounded with spiritual energy known as an oversoul matrix that holds all cosmic intelligence and information about your past, present and future self. It is referred to often as a grid of intelligence or grid of light. This grid connects you with the entire Universe and everything and everyone within it.

Johanna’s voice has been referred to as a calming, healing voice that carries great wisdom within it. Johanna speaks simply on what an aura really is. When you are told about the etheric body what is that?

Much of this information is included in Johanna’s second spiritual book, A Dialogue with Divinity where three ascended masters showed Johanna exactly what the spiritual body looks like.

She explains all of this in this 25 minute teaching on how you are protected and surrounded by your own personal grid of light, how you can work with it and what it really means to be a body of light! This is a profound mini spiritual seminar.

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Podcast Transcripts

So today I thought it would be fun to talk to you about the circle of light and life that is surrounding you at all times. This is often called the over soul, the electromagnetic field, some people call it the grids of light. So to understand this, we need to remember that in the Aquarian age in which we exist we are also in what is known as the age of ascension. In the Christian tradition we would call this the time of great resurrection.

So what does that really mean? We know that we’re human being and hopefully you know that you’re a divine being as well. The Aquarian age that we exist in right now is governed by unconditional love, compassion, awareness and understanding. You will notice that there no words there of judgment because there is none.

So when we are told that we can live heaven on earth in this age of ascension, we’re also told that the way we can do that is to understand our own wholeness, to understand who we are as a human being, who we are as a divine being and how that partnership works well in rising us above our limitations and the things of life that hold us down.

So in order to understand that I thought it would be a little interesting to give you a little teaching in the quantum physics realm and the realm of what’s called the magnetic s. So think of your physical body as this solid mass which you know it’s not but we’re just going to pretend for a moment that it is. Then think of all around this physical body a big spiral of light like a big golden slinky just going up and down. This is what I Johanna refer to as you’re over soul.

So we’re told that we’re all connected and we’re all one, correct? But how can that be and what connects us? So this grid is also called the electromagnetic field. We’re told that this is the system of frequencies of light which we know that light is intelligence, its wisdom. It is the force of your spirit that is very much alive and has existence and intelligence and tremendous wisdom. This is what holds your divine plan and all your sacred contracts.

So this field of light this spiral is not just a solid picture, it has movement it has sound it has light, it has color, it has frequency. We’re going to talk right now about what the frequency is.

The frequency is made by human thought waves and heart waves. This is an energy that is transmitted through the earth itself and through anything of the earth. So we were told that this sort of etheric matrix existed at one time beneath the earth surface and so think of it like a grid system like a beautiful latticework going in many different directions. The intention of this, at least we’re told in Atlantian times is that it was used for telepathic communication and healing. So this grid has a lot of structure.

For people that work with sacred sites that I’ve started to do, trips to sacred sites to experience the power, and of course living in Sedona is definitely one of those places. All those crisscrossed lines within this matrix or grid they converge at different places and these are called the power spots. So when we’re thinking of places like Sedona or Machu Picchu in the rain forest of Brazil, the pyramids, the crystal city that exists underneath Tibet. These are where the sacred sites are considered to be the focal point of the gathering of a lot of this energy.

So the system we’re taught was designed by the architect of the universe. So we’re going to call that God spirit universe. So there’s an intelligence that created it, and an intelligence that exists within it. There is a study called geomancy which in the Buddhist tradition they use geomancy to create the perfect spot on the geometry or the location on land to build their stupas and their temples.

So basically what it means is the divination of lines that converge. We’re told in ancient times that this vibrational system or grid supported the higher realms of existence to transmute transfer information so we’re going to call it the telephone line of the universe if you will. We’re also told in many of the old traditions that this was part of the Atlantian system that it was used by the high priests and priestesses who came to the earth to build a civilization. So that’s one teaching on that.

So we’re told that it’s based on a code and you’ll hear me talk about this code a lot it’s called the Hermedic code or the code of Hermes. So the Hermedic code is a principle that forms the basis for all magnetic and manifestation, so those of you that are working with the secret, this is nothing new, the principles of the secret are connected to the systems of universal law which is based on the Hermedic code. Whether he knows it or not when Tony Robins teaches about your ability to create an abundant life, his teachings are very powerful. He is also tapping into those old Hermedic codes and principles and showing you how to manifest in your life. So it’s good we learn about it and we use it in a contemporary way.

So the grid, the higher intention was to telepathically communicate information and use it as a system of healing and to connect spirit and humans together. So guess what? Because this electromagnetic field or grid exists around everything that has life including you as an organic human being, it connects you individually as a part of the grid so those of you who feel like “God I am so disconnected and separated from the rest of the world,” understand energetically you really are connected. Every thought and every feeling you have is like strumming on the strings of a harp it has a residual effect

So in the sacred site travel that my travel partner Vond and I, Osborne and I create. We obviously know that when we see what’s called ley lines, these are where a lot of the sacred sites were built because even in the ages we think that we were unrefined there were still many refined beings that knew how to connect to this grid.

So these electromagnetic currents of energy think of them now as they’re around you, around the town you’re in, around your family, around the United States, around other continents around the entire earth and so it’s a connecting energy field. So how do we physically know that this really exists? So a lot of people who are psychically empowered and gifted who work on these gifts are on some level tapping in to this grid of all intelligence. Can science really tell us that does this really exist? There’s lots of thought on that.

So if you look at the pyramids and ancient cathedrals and other mystical places such as Stonehenge, you know we wonder how did this really come to be. The grid is considered to be the highest accomplishment, if you will, of human thought. Its forms of that vibration of wholeness of which we call love that sends that intelligence back and forth to one another and to the grid system itself.

The primary, original purpose, again, was to communicate telepathically and to heal we are still using it to connect our spiritual light body to our human conscious self so we know we’re not separate from anything, we’re part of this whole body of intelligence and wisdom that exists and that we can draw more energy to ourselves. This is why when we go into deep prayer deep meditation, we’re in a sacred site, we’re floating near a pool of water, we’re out of nature, we feel different.

So how does that affect you as an individual person and how can you use this? We know that the, as I call it grid or the over soul as I Johanna call it, it connects us directly to our higher self and consequently to our individual divine plan. So guess what? It then connects that higher self to the divine plan of the entire universe. So lots of people that read work fields remember that what is light? They are waves, they are waves of energy. What does your brain create it creates a wave of energy. Do you see the similarity here?

So our brainwave pattern connects to a current of energy that is generated by thought and feeling that affects our emotional self. So every thought and every feeling that you have that affects your own over soul or grid that is also feeding this electrical grid or sacred over soul of the entire universe.

So the benefit to understanding this connection is that you can gain more wisdom for your own life plan. Remember our job is to listen to the universe, to be inspired by the universe and motivated by the universe. You can do this in a church, a temple, if you follow a particular religious path; if you are passionate about something creative in your life it is to take you beyond that robotic place.

In Arizona there’s this beautiful place it’s called prophesy rock. Prophesy rock has sort of; think of a wiggly line going from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. Then on the right hand side that wiggly line breaks off and one… so we’re going to the eastern direction, by the way the right east represents your future, so I think the whole rock is filled with symbolism very simple. So the line splits and there’s a new wiggly line that kind goes up and there’s another wiggly line that goes down.

So the teaching or the Hopi prophesy that goes along with this is that we’re really at the crossroads right now that mankind will choose one of two paths. The higher road, the road going up is to the higher self, to the divine self, a state of higher consciousness, the road going down is the road to technology, the mental self and the negative so we can say one is negative and one is positive. We’re not making one better than the other but it’s a choice.

So we can no longer have our foot on either side of the freeway we really have to make a decision as a spiritual and a divine being living this human experience, which pathway am I really going to take? The Hopi teachings say that we will either destroy ourselves or we will find the higher road. I Johanna feel that there are some of us that will destroy ourselves as a choice and others will continue on working in the higher realms, now how we do this is obviously unique for every individual in their own free world choices.

If we’re obviously coming from a higher self and our intentions are higher and how we live our life who we live our life with, who we share our time with, the consciousness of the work that we do, are we in service, is it all for greed is it all just for money? We’re either going to rise up to a new us or we’re going to drop down into those dark ages of pain and suffering which I really don’t feel is the choice that people wish to make.

So understand that this grid this over soul that surrounds you has a frequency that can be cleansed, and purified and take us all vibrationally into a higher frequency or attunement. In the book that I wrote that was channeled blessedly by Mary Magdalene through me I just felt that I was her scribe it’s called ‘My Greatest Love My Greatest Sorrow’. There was a question and answer section it’s actually on my website you can read it for free it’s called the 48 questions. One of the questions was what is the Christ consciousness? It’s another term for the force of God. The answer that she gave was actually beautiful. It was basically saying that the Christ consciousness is this divine frequency of a higher level that exists throughout the entire universe and you’re a part of that.

So if we think of this grid system as a hologram because it’s what we’re taught, we are a reflection; we are made in the image and the likeness of God. So we’re a reflection of all that exists in this higher realm. Think of this web this grid as having a connection to thought wave forms, a brain. Feelings that generate a response the pebble drop in the pond. Everything that we’re doing is sending a signal if you will from your physical experience your human experience to the existence of your own divine self and thereby affecting the divineness, the vibration of all that exists.

So again I always feel this is kind of like your telephone line to God on some level. So we’re told that Hermes is a teacher. He was a being of light and he worked directly with the high priestess and the priests so we’ll call them the light workers of that time. They were the high teachers that came down and that these teachers held the secrets of how we move this universe to light or intelligence out and how they could receive the light emanations or information from others and that… this is kind of like when I ring the chime, there’s a frequency change in the room you can hear the sound. But this is how the subtle light bodies or these grids around you are affected.

So the teaching is that Hermes placed a crystal intelligence within the etheric body and that the high priests and priestesses who said they were going to come down and work upon the earth would have an ability to awaken through that crystalline structure their intelligence. I personally feel that this crystalline structure does exist in the earth with us and that this field of light energy is actually included in the brain.

Someone told me many years ago that there was this French scientist I can’t remember the name, who did a discovery and he said that the brain, there was this crystal in the brain and no one could figure out what it was there for. So if you think of the first radios that were created the shortwave radios what did they have? They had crystals, right? Vogal who was the architect for the government by the way, of the first computers created the crystalline magnetic resonance material that allowed computers to send and receive information. So guess what? So does your brain and so does your body and so does your soul. So what happens? Is a higher current of energy when we pray, when we meditate, when we are right intended in the world that feeds the current and the biorhythms of your own systems?

So you know when you feel happy and you feel like you have a lot of energy, if you do it organically without the use of any chemical drugs or anything that’s outside of the system your tapping into the natural state of the soul which we know is joy and happiness, that’s the bliss state. So that is an emanation or a frequency that is feeding your body, your mind, your spirit, your higher self and that current of energy is affecting everyone around you including the people that you don’t see and you don’t know and the higher intelligence that you cannot see or feel at all.

So I know in the past when I have done readings for people who are in love with one another or people who share love whether it’s the parents or a lover, a husband or wife it’s really beautiful I always see like these strings of gold light that go ‘chi chi chi chi chi’ you can actually see it in the etheric realm that there is movement of energy. The love is not stagnant the connection is there. You know how you’re in love with somebody and you think of them and your heart just goes ‘bloop!’ there’s a current of energy and the mechanics of the physical system that go and connect with that other person then all of a sudden you get a phone call “Hi honey I was just thinking about you,” “Well yeah I was feeling you as well.”

So these are connections. The connections emit an energy field. So when we say that we go to certain places on earth and we feel better, we have these deep incredible mystical experiences, we have to ask ourselves why. So if the grid is intended to connect the heavens and the earth so we feel complete oneness or wholeness which is what ascension is all about, it reminds us who we really are which is a divine being.

So how can you then as an individual work within your own magnetic field? First of all sitting back and reviewing your life and asking am I more sad than happy, where are my moments of joy coming from, do I feel that I’m a robot on the earth or do I feel that my life has purpose, what is my practice for connecting to my divine self or higher soul? It doesn’t matter what you call it. The time is really now.

There were many civilizations that came before us that rose to very great success and great heights. So when the beings of those civilizations left the body and crossed over, the memory of that intelligence did not die with them. We’re remembering. One of the spiritual wars right now is to remember. To remember the souls of these beings that came before us. The stroking the strings of your heart for you to remember, for you to wake up to your divine self.

So the electronic grid or the over soul the grid of light that is all around you. It’s there to protect you and heal you, not from fear but to remind you that you’re a divine being. You don’t need to make it difficult, we’re told that one little consciousness shift, one new way of thinking one new way of embracing a new paradigm of thought, really allows us to become a whole new being, to take that higher road in Hopi prophesy and to go to the higher self. So more food for thought for you about the over soul and the grids of light around you and how you don’t look at it as being separate but part of who you really are on a daily basis.

So I wish you as always many blessings and more vibrations around you to connect to your divine self. This is Johanna Carroll from Sedona, Arizona and Delmar, California. I’m known as the Sedona psychic. The name of our show is ‘messages from spirit’ you will find us under the podcast title of spirituality. I’d love to get an email from you if there’s a topic you would like to discuss to just email me at johhannacarrol.com.

If you would like to read the messages for today by the way the contemporary stuff that Mary Magdalene as an ascended master is still teaching us from beyond the veil, go to www.marymagdalenebook.com and click on the section the 48 questions. I think you’ll find it rather interesting and I bless you a million times. I hope you’re enjoying this time that we’re living in as a time of ascension that takes you to greater joy happiness and bliss and remembering what a divine angel you truly are.

Goodbye and thank you, until next time. We do our podcasts twice a week. Messages from spirit. Bye bye.

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  1. Nisreen
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 05:38:06

    Hello Johanna,

    I love listening to your podcasts and I anxiously wait for them to drop into my Inbox. I listen to them in the morning and they are my inspiration for the day!

    I would like you to have a podcast on “prayers”, the art of prayer, how to connect to Divine Spirit, etc….

    I pray daily and I truly pray from my heart and soul. I pour my feelings into my prayer, but yet nothing is happening. Has my prayer been heard but it will take months/years to manifest into my physical world? Or perhaps I just didn’t pray correctly? Should I use mantras?

    Much love and blessings,



    • wpadmin
      Oct 12, 2014 @ 23:29:38

      Hi Nisreen:

      Thank you for your note regarding the podcasts. I would love to do something on The Art of Prayer….great idea! I will let you know when it is complete!




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