Podcast Series – How to Create and Manifest

Johanna Carroll in this 29 minute program offers these spiritual teachings as an interactive program to set you up for greater abundance. She shares information that is part of her psychic training program on manifestation and the laws of the Universe.

Incredibly personalized as you connect and listen to Johanna’s voice which carries the same harmonics and vibration used when she is channeling information in her psychic readings. You will be given the tools beyond The Secret from ancient laws of energy that tell you HOW to make manifestation an easy active part of your life. Get your paper and pencil out to work with the world of spirit.

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Podcast Transcript

. So welcome to our show which is called messages from spirit. You will find us on your iTunes and all the podcasts under the heading of spirituality and the goal is that twice a week I will be doing podcasts of metaphysical, which are spiritual teachings that I have learnt and been passing on, paying it forward for over 21 years.

So my goal is to touch your soul, to assist you in having the best life possible, and it’s a tough world we live in at times, right? So hopefully these two podcasts will keep you grounded, keep you walking on a path that makes some sense and your world a little bit better for you.

So I thought today we’re going to talk about what you would like to create for yourself. And because we are going to be doing this as a sort of an interactive program, if you can I would like you, hopefully not to be driving in the car and be stationary and maybe have a little pad or paper in front of you because, let’s kind of work this together.

So my intention in this particular podcast on manifestation and what you would like to create for yourself is not just for you to listen but for you to participate as well. Again please email anything you’d like to know about, have a topic you’d want me to discuss etc, etc, etc.

I may also by the way be recording; not live but recording programs where you can call in and we can have a discussion. So you would be part of the podcast if that’s something you’re interested in doing let me know, okay? It’s not a psychic reading it’s really sort of a discussion and looking at everyday things and how you can apply the spiritual laws, and there are many of them to assist you.

So the first thing I’d like you to do is write this down, what is it that you would like to create for yourself? Now is it a new Mercedes? Is it more happiness? Is it more fulfillment? You might get a lot of happiness having a brand new Mercedes but that’s sort of a temporary satisfaction kind of thing. So you know if it’s physical stuff that’s fine but then let’s add the divine stuff in with it.

So you know we’re in what’s called the polarity system of living the divine life and the human life in partnership. So if you’re going to put down a material possession, what I want you to put down next to that is, what is the feeling emotional result that you feel you would get from having that item, that physical item. By the way there’s nothing wrong with desiring things, as long as you don’t let the possessions control you.

I work with a lot of extremely wealthy people, very famous people, very successful people. Then I work with people that you know are just like you and I we’re sort of just doing our thing. I can tell you the famous extremely wealthy people and there’s nothing wrong with this again, they’ll tell you right out, their money is not buying them happiness. It’s allowing them options and it’s allowing them freedom at many levels which is great, we all want to have that, right?

But does it touch the soul? Does it touch the soul? That’s what we’re really all yearning for. So when you’re writing this down you know, you can pause this if you want, what is it that you would like to create for yourself? So let’s just say in the physical world you as a human being, and in the world of spirit, you as a divine being. So we’re told as a spirit that you know we chose a life or experience. We’re also told that one of the things that we agree to do on a soul level was on some level to be in service. So what does that mean?

Does that mean you have to go out and feed the poor everyday? Well there’s nothing wrong with feeding the poor. Feed yourself first. Feed yourself spiritually first. So how do I actually do that? At the end of the day, like the end of your life when you transition to the world of spirit you want to know that the work that you’re doing is serving something greater than yourself. You know we’re told that we can tell if we’re in a divine partnership and this is with another human being by the way, when we put that person before ourselves, that our love is so great, not in a needy or co-dependent way, but in a serving way, that we put our own needs and desires second.

So how can you as an individual put your needs and desires behind those of the universe? So here’s a big question you know, as a spiritual being where is there service to either another, a community, friends, family etcetera. You have to understand how you serve yourself first though, and that’s where the manifestation key comes in. So there are many, many laws in the universe and the first law is the law, one of them is called the law of form.

You decided from the world of non-form which is a world of spirit the soul has the desire to recreate itself once again in a physical form to grow as a person and evolve as a soul. That while you are living that experience, you would do it through two things; understanding your own divine wholeness which we refer to as love. This is not about male female, boyfriend girlfriend, husband whatever love this is love is your divine state of wholeness at any given time. It’s the matter, it’s the form it’s the juice, it’s the energy you were created from.

So love has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself its divine wholeness. So we’re here to remember that and to be in service. So we have to be in service to that materialization, that manifestation of you coming from spirit into form first. So how do you serve yourself, how do you honour yourself, how do you love yourself? This is not about being selfish you know, it’s kind of a challenge. We were raised in sort of a puritanical environment I’m not saying that it’s wrong it just is what it is for many people, about sin and punishment all that negative fear. You know we were told that we were born with sin in us. I have a real challenge with that one, don’t you?

I mean to me I look at a baby and they are absolutely a perfected angel that’s come down onto the earth, to remember their own angelic and divine presence and to remember that they as they grow and evolve through the system of their parents and schooling and the world, that they are a soul here in service. You cannot serve anyone outside of yourself or anything outside of yourself unless you serve that divine core first that’s your first manifestation.

So now go back and fill in what would you would like to create for yourself? A greater awareness, a greater understanding of why I’m here? This is not being mental and overly heavy, the game of life is the game of awareness remember that. What are we aware of we’re remembering, we’re remembering our soul. So going back to the things of the earth and the things of the world of the universe we have to look at what manifestation is. Manifestation is called actualized materialization. So we have a thought we have a feeling we have a desire and that actually gathers energy.

Think of it like the brain is throwing a snowball of light out there in the universe. It’s called non-manifested form. So that form at some point, at some point will return to you and become a reality into your life. So what happens is the thought goes out there, spins out and it starts to in the atomic structure create a wave of vibration that actually has a form to it. You can’t see it because it’s not in your lap but it exists none the less, non-manifested thought reality. So there’s a plane of awareness out there where this exists, it’s a form of energy.

Let’s just look at it that way. Spirit is energy okay? So here’s a quantum physics piece to it. So at some point that thought form is still vibrating, still fluctuating, still moving through the universe and it returns into the physical world to materialize. So the physical realm that we live in the physical plane is called the land of results. Those of you who are familiar with the laws of the universe you know that for every action there is a reaction, right?

So think of the thought as being a rocket ship that’s being sent up out there into the universe and at some point it may float around for you know, quite a few years up there circling the cosmology but at some point it’s going to come back down. So here’s the key, everything you think, everything you say, everything you feel, is an instruction to the universe as to how you are going to live your life. So that thought that saying that feeling that prayer that meditation, everything goes up in the rocket ship and it get returned to you.

So here’s a question what are you sending up to the universe? What are you intending, what are you instructing the universe to give you as far as manifestation or materialization? The cosmic defect of those thoughts feelings prayers. Everything is a prayer. What’s a prayer? It’s a request, it’s a direction, a directive, you are telling the universe something, right? If you are having a negative thought if you are saying something negative, you might want to put a mental eraser in your hand and say, “Universe, erase, erase, erase or replace that thought, feeling, prayer with this.”

Now what does this do? It helps put you in a more powerful position because you are coming from a positive framework of manifestation rather than a negative framework. So understand the universe doesn’t judge, whatever you put out there you are going to get back. They don’t look at it as positive or negative but we experience it as being the highest point of light, which is love that wholeness, or the lowest point which is fear. Fear separates it doesn’t feel real good, right?

So manifestation is a direct result of what you’re sending out there. It goes to the cells of your DNA, which hold all that intelligence. So is it really outside of you or is it inside of you? Good question right? So at his point stop for a moment and write down, perhaps anything that’s not serving you in your thoughts, your prayers, your words, your interaction with other people. What needs to change? Is you want a positive result in your life you’ve got to send out positive data?

So remember the two constants in the universe are change that moves us along in our evolutionary path and love your divine wholeness. So what is it that you perhaps need to change in your prayer to the universe? I have a woman she’s a friend, I really, really love her and I tell her, “You know your mantra has not changed since I’ve known you.” Here’s her mantra, “I’m so tired, I never have enough money, why is the universe doing this to me? I’m so tired I never have enough money, why is the universe doing this to me? I’m tired of struggling.” So guess what shows up in her life? She’s always tired, she has major money challenges and she’s angry at the universe.

So on some level; she’s a good manifest-er because she created it for herself. I’m not being fictitious here, that’s her reality. If you want to change your world you got to change your prayer. Now if your world is working for you, and you’re in a positive modality bravisimo, that’s great. Okay so go back to the original question, what would you like to create for yourself? Maybe it’s a new way of talking to the universe, a new way of praying, and you’ve all, you’re all aware of the gratitude prayer of course that we really do need to incorporate that.

I thank you for all that I have, that’s the past, I thank you for all that I’m receiving, present moment, and I thank you for all that I’m about to receive future self. There’s no judgment in any of that. What you’re doing is opening up that modality to the universe you’re creating a larger range of magnetics, within your own over-soul so you’re becoming more receptive. So you’re not saying oh yeah, just give me any old thing get clear. Now here’s the next thing what supports this manifestation this materialization? Clarity and specific and direct communication with spirit.

If you want to live a spiritual fulfilled life and have the stuff of the world and you can, that’s living heaven on earth; you can have it all you really can. You’ve got to remember to talk to the universe. Are we saying you know look, you wouldn’t go to a restaurant sit down, take the menu and say,” Just give me anything to eat.” Would you? No you’d be specific. You’d be specific. So the first law within the law of manifestation is clarity of intention. Put your order in so the universe can give back to you in form what they receive in intention which is thought, that’s the rocket ship or the snow ball going out there.

It go, you know it’s sort of ask and you shall receive, and particularly listen you women. I don’t know what it is, don’t be afraid to ask the men in your life for what you want. I tested this in Corporate America. I forgot what it was I wanted some kind of personal equipment or something, and everybody said you’ll never get it, blah, blah; they’ve never done that before.

I went in and said to the man that I was working with and by the way he and I were definitely not on the same page on lots of stuff, but I said, “You know it would be really great and would be really beneficial, if I could have this piece of equipment and I’m just you know putting it out there and if you think you can make it happen that would be great.” That’s all that I did, and then I waited. See the divine feminine is a receptive quality. So there is a little bit of element not of patience but of awareness, waiting, understanding.

So putting the thought out there, asking for what you want. You know we say that prayer out loud is masculine; it’s the active principle. Being quiet and going within is the divine feminine which is the magnetic s of receptivity. So in other words we say prayer is masculine meditating is feminine, we need both. So there could be a lot of activity within the meditation, although mediation itself is just watching and we’ll do a whole podcast on that too. So apply ask and you shall receive look, one of the greatest ascended masters Yeshua is the on that said, “Ask, ask I’ll give it back to you.” But make sure it’s got a divine intention behind it.

Does it mean you cannot ask for things? No the material world is a reflection of the world of spirit. So you actually are a hologram of the entire universe. You are this reflection of divinity. How we say this do you forget who you are? Do you forget who you are? You are a divine being and the more you’re connected and the more grounded you are in living on the earth. Look you set it up, you said I’m going to pour this spirit into a body.

So the more you’re connected, the more you pray, the more you wait to receive and are you know totally fine with that and you’re in your gratitude, the more you’re grounded on the earth the more goodies you shall receive. You know my son, my older son he’s interesting he’s a phenomenal, phenomenal artist. When he was two years old he would walk around the house painting in the air, can you imagine? Then I’d give him a little cup of water and a paint brush and sit and watch what he would do and it was amazing.

I mean his DNA came in with the soul of an artist. But like a lot of artists, he’s very frustrated which frustrates his mum. Because I see the potential there and it’s just but it’s, you know it’s his path. So anyway we we’re talking a couple of weeks ago you know about his what he perceives to be his limitations, and I said,”You know instead of talking about what is missing let’s take a look at what’s there. You have great friends, you’re in very good health, you know you’re a hard worker, you have an incredible creative eye, you live in a nice area, etc, etc, etc.”

I said, “Maybe it’s not looking at what isn’t there and wishing things to be different but looking at what you have and saying you know what this is really okay!” Because I feel that when we do that, it takes a lot of the pressure off to produce. So I know for myself, you guys know that I’m a spiritual teacher and a medium and a psychic and obviously part of, a lot of my income comes from doing readings. Some weeks are awesome and you know every once in a while have a little week that’s slow.

Instead of freaking out and saying oh my God, you know, I just say okay the universe wants me to do something else. So I’ll do something creative you know, like creating another podcast, maybe thinking about a new retreat, or maybe I don’t do any work at all and say you know what universe, I’m just going to go spend a couple of hours on the beach, I’m just going to hang out and just you know be out there in the sun and the water things that I love to do, and whatever you need me to know I’ll just meditate on the beach if you have information for me.

I don’t freak out. I’m not saying I never used to of course I did. I left Corporate America and a very big pay check and totally was devoted to doing spiritual readings. So it wasn’t, you know it was a segway for me, so I’d already had a spiritual practice going. But it’s still you know, I needed to have a big pay cheque replaced. Here’s the thing I absolutely without a doubt and I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone else, totally went to my faith and would not accept anything else other than success, failure was not in the equation.

Now if things didn’t move in the direction that I wanted, I said, “Okay this wasn’t meant to be, I need to go to another area.” However I was always clear in my intention that the universe would provide for me. Now here’s the other part of it, the more that you are connected and the more grounded you are on the earth in other words, you know you’re a spiritual being, you know you are a physical being and you know they’re going to work together, right? You’re always in dialogue with the universe, but the dialogue with divinity I wrote a whole book on this.

I’m always in conversation always in conversation, there’s a thought behind the thought. If it’s a negative thought that’s going out there I’ll do erase, erase, erase. I need to adjust that. You know I feel like I’m sending letters to the universe these documents,” Oh give me that letter back I need to change it, give me that document back”. So what’s the document you’re sending out, how clear is it, what’s the form you want, are you saying just give me any old thing or are you being specific?

Now here’s what’s going to prevent manifestation from happening. The universe through channeling once, this is really rather interesting they say that the one thing that limits mankind from really this whole connection to the higher self and the belief in this higher power is our concept of time. Because the universe is spacial and we are time oriented. Now how many of you have ever said. “I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for that, I don’t have time for this I don’t have time for that.” So we live our life based on a system of time.

So if time is a limiting factor, what’s your story related to time? Do you talk about things that are in the past a lot? Do you talk a lot about the future? Where are you today? Where are you today? You know the present moment is the only moment we have and that present moment is the absolute formula of power to create that future for yourself. So if you’re sending out a message to the universe, “I need to have XYZ and I need it by you know, next Friday, what if Saturday would have been a better day?

What prevents manifestation is any limiting belief system on any level that is attached to time. So take a moment how do you set up your life based on time? Now obviously if you have jobs, you know that are 9:00 to 5:00 or whatever and you know you have doctor’s appointments and whatever we need to honor those. This is not the kind of time that I’m referring to. A lot of women that want to have babies you know, “I’m 35 years old my clock is ticking.” blah, blah, blah.

Well, I suppose you can believe that but on some level it’s the health of those cells that are in the body whether you’re 25, 35. I have had friends that have had children in their 40s. I personally I’m not saying that I would have chosen to do that, because you have to look at the end result. For every action there is a reaction. So this also gives us more time to perhaps put thought to our prayer and what we’re asking for. There’s nothing wrong with being spontaneous but we have to look at the law of cause and effect, for every action there’s a reaction.

So a lot of women that are struggling with relationships that get upset and call their partner and blast him from here to hell and then they wonder why he isn’t calling saying that he’s sorry, you’ve got to be kidding me. Take a look at your action what kind of a reaction did you expect? Did that come from a caring, loving, holistic perspective and evolved perspective? So the other thing that’s going to prevent manifestation is vibrationally where that thought is, are you coming?

So look at the spiral of light we’ve talked about this before, the grid of light around you that goes up and down. So let’s look at it as part of that polarity system. The highest point is your real high vibration frequency with the universe, divine love. The bottom is fear. One is a limiting belief system and one has no limitations. The question is where are you? I think if you start applying these principles and have a consciousness shift and start to watch your manifestation, you’ll see that the world of spirit really does show up for you.

So anyway this is Johanna Carroll from Sedona, Arizona in Delmar, California, speaking to you on what you would like to create and manifestation. This is sort of a teaching beyond the secret, and part of the hermetic code, the code of Hermes, the architect of the universe, started it many, many, many, many, many eons ago. So ask and you shall receive, apply these principles do your work and then wait and watch to receive.

Okay the name of our show is Messages From Spirit. I’m on twice a week under the podcast heading of spirituality. I send you many blessings, much love and good manifestation. Bye bye.


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