Podcast Series – What is the Soul?

In this 19 minute program, Johanna Carroll, Sedona psychic, international spiritual teacher and author discusses what the relationship is between you as a human being and your soul. Johanna has written three books and is currently working on her fourth spiritual book which is a spiritual seminar on ascension.

A key element to that book 4 Steps to Heaven/How to Live Heaven on Earth is a discussion on the soul which is included in this audio podcast presented by Johanna.

Discussion is held on not only what the soul is, but how you can discover the bliss of the Universe which is the reflection of all that is divine and tap into that every day for greater bliss in times of chaos and craziness!

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Podcast Transcripts

Hi, this is Johanna Carroll and thank you to you for joining our messages from spirit podcast. What we are going to talk about today is what is the soul. Again, I really encourage any of you that would like to send me an email with questions or things you know that you would like to discuss. Please go right ahead. As you may or may not know, I have been a metaphysical teacher, which Meta means beyond. So I have been teaching spiritual teachings beyond the physical world for over 20 years.

I am also considered to be a psychic and a medium and an author, etcetera. But this is not about me, this is about you and this is about understanding maybe the higher places where you are in your life right now. Our topic today is what is the soul. We are told that when we choose to take a life, or be born is another way of saying it; we bring in with us our divine plan. That divine plan is a body of intelligence for this specific lifetime that through the quantum physics is downloaded into the DNA or the cells of your body, six hours before, six hours after the birth of the child.

You have a spirit which is a divine intelligence that from the nanosecond, there is a desire of the soul to take a life. That is with you from that moment on. Your soul is a compilation of your entire essence, your eternal essence, past, present and future self to come. It is called the intelligence or the code, the experience of all that you have been, all that you are and all that you are becoming. So if we look at the spirit, we were told that spirit is the bliss of God, and that bliss state is the natural state that the soul exists in.

So we know that the soul is eternal. So if we look at that, we know that soul is individualized consciousness or that bliss of God. We spend all this life trying to remember who we are. I have so many people that have said to me I just want to go home, I love being in prayer and meditation and, you know, when I connect with that it’s so beautiful and wonderful. I don’t want to come back to the earth and experience all that craziness. We can honestly say that the soul is trying to help us. There is the divine you, the human you.

The soul is kind of nudging us, saying knock, knock, hello, to get us to try to remember who we are. It’s sort of the divine memory of that eternal state of conscious bliss, the natural state of the soul. In its inherent self, in its pure state, which it is pure energy, the soul knows perfect joy. The soul is that connection when you have that feeling of peace and harmony and bliss and joy in your life. You are experiencing what I, Johanna, am referring to as God. You can call it the one, the God state, spirit, universe, universal mind, it really doesn’t matter.

It’s a personal relationship that you have. When you realize that the world is not going to feed you on a spiritual level and you take the time to go within, whether you do that through religion, prayer, taking a great bubble bath, walking in the woods, a place and environment that supports peacefulness, you are connecting with your soul. So if you really want to have that feeling of joy, bliss, peace and harmony, which by the way is God saying, “Proof, here I am. Hello.” This is the natural state. You are my reflection.

So why were you created? It’s like this universal mind said I want to share who and what I am, which is that divine intelligence. It exists within you. It’s not outside of you. So when Yeshua, Jesus, said go within, that is where you will find me, he was talking about yes, connect with your soul. Let your spirit guide you; when we realize that the world on some level, this is not a negative that is going to fail us, we can get temporary gratification from the things of the world. For those of you that have children, we get the joy from children, we can also gee the suffering, but we learn from this, right?

So don’t get too attached or having an expectation that the world that the world, and the things of the world will bring you this state of the soul that you are seeking. Right now we’ve got a lot of obsessive qualities going on, if you turn on the news or you watch TV or you pick up a magazine, particularly for women, even for men now, it’s all this obsession with the exterior world. Does it mean you can’t be beautiful? Does it mean you can’t be thin? Does it mean you can’t use products to make you achieve that? No, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do that. The thing is don’t get too obsessed.

So remember, we are here to work within the polarity system and to learn balance. We are in the Aquarian age right now and that is really called the age of ascension. We have talked about this before and in Christianity it’s called resurrection. It’s the same thing. It’s rising above the limitations that hold you back. They can be obsessive qualities; cognitively they are patterns of behavior. You can’t expect the world to change if you are not willing to show up and change too. How do I get that feeling of my soul by doing something different quite frankly?

The two constants in the universe we know are love, which is your divine state of wholeness at any given moment in time and has nothing to do with anyone outside of you. It’s not about giving and receiving love from an individual person, it’s knowing your own wholeness, your divine state. That is the feeling of connecting with your soul. It gets old really fast when we look at what is wrong with us and we have a tendency to do that, because if we look at media and marketing, unfortunately a lot of it is negatively of fear based though.

So when you get up in the morning, is the first thing you say, wow, my eyes are so beautiful? No, you are looking for something wrong that you can fix. We know that if we go within, we are using the vehicle of our body to know our soul. Why would that be? Because we are told we have got 12 strands of DNA in every cell, science affirms oddly enough, nicely enough that there is a higher intelligence of over 25% of that DNA dedicated to a higher intelligence. That’s the voice of your soul. Your soul calls, when your soul calls you to make a change, it’s called your intuition. A lot of men call it your gut feeling or a hunch. It’s the same thing, its awareness.

In terms of using the body, use your physiology to have that voice speak to you. Reverse the direction of your concentration from the little body to the large body of all that is. This is called the vast spirit. How do I feel the presence of God, a lot of people have asked that. I need proof. I was a big one. I needed proof from the age of 10. I am going to talk to you, but you know what, you better answer me back. I want to know you are really there. I spoke and I prayed and I cried and I screamed, and you know what, I did get a response.

I got my proof and I got my proof when I was at a major crossroads in my life and I really needed God to show up; so God without, God within. How do you make this connection? We are told that we should divinely love our soul at all times, so understand that you are a divine being, you are sacred. Did you forget that? Here is the other thing about our bodies, we need to remember that. We need to remember that we are sacred temple that holds a very divine power within us.

It’s the divine power of our own soul and the divineness of all that exists. So if I am to divinely love my soul at all times, should I not love the temple that’s holding it? Dedicate yourself to better habits. Change from wanting those material desires. It’s really an interesting thing. I have been single a long time and it’s really not so bad actually after all. I was very blessed to have a good husband and two wonderful children, and then that sort of went its own way. I really feel when I step back and look at it with higher consciousness, that it was all designed, sort of the architect of the universe and I stepped in and said this is going to happen.

I have to say that when I change my habits around dating, around what would work and wouldn’t work, my material desires changed. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love having men in my life. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like having relationships in my life, but here is the deal; I don’t really need that right now. What I yearn for myself and try to do the best with it that I can, is to get spiritual nourishment. We are in an interesting time right now because, boy! If you look at the financial market and the world, we could really freak out and go into fear, right?

Why do you think that’s happening? It’s like there is this big consciousness, there is this big ship. So many people have said to me I want to live simply, I want to live simply, I want to live simply. What does it mean to live simply? No pressure, more peaceful. So if you are going to take a look at the outside world, which is good because it supports your journey, look at your material desires. Ask for spiritual nourishment. There is wonderful law in the universe; it’s called the law of non-attachment. It means that you let go of control and you sit back and watch and you are grateful for what you have and knowing that everything comes from God’s spirit universe.

Don’t do what you want to do, that’s your ego. Do what you like to do, that’s the state of soul freedom. You can say oh yeah, well I would like to quit my job and go sit on a beach for a month. Put those things in your life in small doses and see how your life changes. Unplug that cell phone for a little while. I just got off the phone with a friend, I said, “How come you don’t have a cell phone anymore?” He said because I needed to simplify my life. I was always plugged in and you know what, it’s made a huge difference with me emotionally. It’s made my physical life easier and I am still getting all my work done.

We have the divine duty, and the divine duty is to cause happiness and joy in the soul, living to please that connection of the soul of higher self, looking at work versus service. We are going to talk about that little bit too. Work versus service, we are told that our divine work from the universe is to be inspired and motivated by the universe. In order for that to occur, we have to have a conversation or dialogue. Do you pray? Do you talk? This is not about going to a church ladies and gentlemen, this is about understanding that that voice behind you every day is saying reveal thy self. Show me that you are there, I need your help, walk along with me, my boss is driving me nuts, my boyfriend is driving me nuts, so is my girlfriend.

Ask and you shall receive. Our divine work is to be inspired by the universe and motivated so that we can move forward, we can grow as a person and evolve as a soul. The more we evolve as a soul, that’s the ascension piece. We rise above our limitations and we see that life is not as difficult and is much lighter than we thought. We are leaving the old stuff behind and living in the moment to please the higher self. How does that work in the physical world?

We do work that has a higher intention, that we feel at the end of the day, you know what, all this sweat, time and energy and phone calls and everything else that I did, I feel good about it because I know there is a benefit here, not solely for myself but for other people.

If you are working for a company right now, what is their mission statement? Is the end product, is the end service serving at a higher level? You see because then it becomes a joyous service. I had a job many years ago; I was a financial manager for six hospitals here in San Diego. With the healthcare system I can tell you, it wasn’t a dance in the park. I had a midsized apartment and about 30 people that worked and I would say without a doubt just about any one of them hated their job. That’s what I walked into every day.

I kept saying to the universe, why do you have me here? Why m I here, what is the purpose of my soul here, I don’t get it? There were lots of purposes. One of them was to encourage people that worked there, to see where they could make positive changes, maybe they needed to get out of that apartment and do something else that would satisfy them. It’s sort of counterproductive that I really helped promote a lot of people to their own passion and service, but I felt good about that.

Then after I did leave and I had really dedicated myself exclusively to the world of serving the universe, I looked back and I said oh here is a big one. One of the last things that I did there was to write the charity care policy and procedure for all six hospitals which gave 12 million dollars of free healthcare annually; higher service. It was like I forgot about that. I was looking at what was wrong and not what was right. You know what, after that was done, which it was a pretty big project; it was just time to go. It got very chaotic. It got very heavy, a lot of chaos showed up and to me chaos is a sure sign from the universe movement is right in front of you.

So remember the two constants in the universe, to support the soul than individual reflection of the higher state of the universe, seeking joy, peace and happiness. You’ve got to take a step, and maybe it’s just a little step that says hey, I am here, are you? Let’s talk.

What is the soul? It is the reflection, the individual for you. It’s the individualized reflection of God’s spirit universe that you need just for you. We try to remember, so we are here to remember who we are. We are a divine being living a human experience, trying to do the best we can. This is Johanna Carroll from Sedona Arizona and Delmar California, wishing you love, light, life.

Each week there will be two different podcasts, they are in the spirituality section under messages from spirit. I wish you very many blessings and good luck on your soul journey, bye.


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