Past Life Regression

past life regressionThe Past Assists

Why a past life regression?  The past assists us in remembering why we behave and react a certain way now. It is merely awareness of memory that takes us into our present moment self.

The regression gives you a glimpse into your past that helps where you are today. It allows you to apply the Law of Discernment from past to present which walks you into our excellent future self. This session can be done over the phone for convenience sake or in person.

A Past Life Regression is recorded on an Mp3 or CD for your convenience.  Spiritual seminar information, spiritual books, travel and psychic training information is also available on this site.

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Our cancellation policy is a minimum of 24 hours in advance or the entire reserved session fee will be charged. We appreciate your understanding.

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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.