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When we took our last spiritual tour to Provence France to honor Mary Magdalene we always had tons of chocolate on the tour bus. We made sure when we saw storm clouds we shared chocolate so that the clouds would float away and like a miracle they did! Did you know that a lot of people who do psychic readings have to eat chocolate to get back into the body after they are floating out there in the Universe? And that the reason they eat chocolate is because it grounds them back into the physical body? And as a result of psychic Johanna is no different than you in her quest for keeping fit. Johanna speaks clearly and simply in this spiritual seminar on how to lose weight using a spiritual principal that really works! This 23 minute program may change the way you perceive your body and how to use it to drop those pounds!

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Hi there, this is Johanna Carroll again from Sedona Arizona and Delmar California. I have been a metaphysical teacher for over 20 years. I am also a practicing psychic, medium and I am an author of three books. I just finished my third television special, Guides and Gurus, which is being shown all throughout Canada. If you want to send me an email as far as the topic you would like to hear, this program is under the spirituality section, messages from spirit. Just type in Sedonapsychic.com or you can go directly to my other website, johannacarroll.com. I would love to hear from you.

Questions that you may have, I have certainly have gotten a lot of questions about relationships and being spiritual and all of that. So we are going to try to address all of that. I will be doing two podcasts a week, again under the section spirituality. The show is called messages from spirit. Today I thought let’s have a little bit of fun, because it’s all kind of a cosmic joke anyway. So the title of today’s show is losing weight from the inside out.

Now don’t change because this really is about you losing body weight by the way. It’s got a little bit of a spiritual twist to it, so I think that you will have fun with this. I just want you to know that this is something I have practiced myself. I have a number of clients that are doing this right now and the good news is it’s working. I had a client that I talked to, I don’t know, a couple of months ago and told me that she had lost eight pounds in one month as a result of doing this, after doing diet upon diet, upon diet.

Let’s talk about losing weight from the inside out. We know we have been told by medical people and nutritionists that in order to lose fat from the body we need to do two things, diet and exercise. I couldn’t agree with you more. However, we have all tried these diets and sometimes we have really limited success. Then we increase our exercise, cut down on our portions, we buy meal plans and still nothing happens. So the big question is why.

Science has told us that we’ve got these 12 strands of DNA in every cell. They have also discovered that within those 12 strands of DNA, over 25% is dedicated to a higher intelligence. That’s really amazing, isn’t it? Guess what, inside of the millions of cells in your body, something exists that has intelligence that you can talk to, that you could communicate with and that actually just maybe and might listen and respond. That if you communicate clearly, this higher power can assist you in your life.

Is this God? What is this? I was told as a really small child growing up in a very traditional catholic family in Connecticut that God is everywhere. I was really little. I didn’t get it then, but I definitely have gotten it now. God is within me. The spirit and the power of the entire universe lie inside of me. Yet we are told that it’s outside of us, it higher than us, it’s sitting up where up in the clouds are looking down on us; down being the operative word here, looking down from heaven judging me.

The truth is if God dwells within me and I have the power, you have the power to contact God or this intelligence living inside of me, why haven’t I? Do I only find God in a church? Can I only talk to God’s spirit universe through praying in a reverend manner when I need him/her or it? Could it be possible that if God lives inside of me, I can communicate to that God and that God will speak to me even when I am asleep, including the physicality of my body?

If God is this intelligence that exists in every particle of DNA that hold the codes of my destiny, my divine plan, my health and well being, can I have a conversation with this to change my destiny, my well being and my health? I think you can.

If while I am asleep and while I am awake I am in constant conversation or in dialogue with this God of intelligence that lives inside of me, what am I telling him? Okay, by the way it could be a Her as well. Let’s just say both. It will be equal to the divine intelligence as being a whole force of power that has both feminine and masculine qualities. Call it what you will, a oneness of intelligence of all that is, the universe is inside of you.

Jesus actually as a powerful ascended teacher said, “Go within. That is where you will find me.” So what on earth does this all have to do with you losing weight? Everything. I will tell you why. For the past 20 years I constantly said out loud, “I need to lose 20 pounds.” Remember, 10 pounds, five pounds, now it’s 20 pounds. Then guess what, it became 30 pounds, same words, larger number.

I tried everything, I hired a personal trainer, I did the diets, the master cleanses and still I felt tired and fat. So last year I decided to do something a little bit different. As you know, I have been a spiritual teacher for over 20 years. Now I can blame my weight gain on getting older, not menstruating any more, being single, I can come up with millions of excuses and so can you. That’s a good excuse though, don’t you think? I live alone in the most spiritual place in United States, Sedona, and I work alone in my house.

At the end of the day do you think I really want to cook a healthy meal for one? Not really. So popcorn, yeah popcorn sounds like a better choice to me when I go to the movies. As a spiritual medium, it’s really important to use the techniques of what is called the law of detachment in working with your clients. This law allows me to observe so I can serve, instead of absorbing the emotional heaviness of someone else, which can lead to pounds on the body as an energy layer or more fat which I don’t need.

When a psychic or a medium is in an altered state, floating out there in the universe, a good piece of chocolate will really get you back into that body. It sounds like a great excuse to eat a lot of sugar and chocolate, doesn’t it? We can always make excuses. Here is what I started to do over about a year and a half ago and I actually had results, shockingly enough. First of all, you can’t look for a quick fix. Come on Americans, get over yourselves. We need to allow something of value, including relationships by the way, to develop gradually.

Even your relationship with this infinite intelligence, this God/Goddess that lives inside of you, it takes time. So don’t expect results that are unrealistic. Time is spinning away from us as space opens to embrace us. Every time you have a thought, a feeling or a word and it comes out of your mouth, you are praying. Did you know that? You are speaking with that intelligence that lives inside of you. Imagine that. God/Goddess hears everything, and everything that is heard is believed.

Remember there is no judgment in the universe, none, absolutely none, only awareness, understanding, compassion and unconditional love. Your body then believes every word you tell it with those thoughts, feelings action and words. Every single particle of intelligence that lives inside of your cells hears your messages, registers it, and guess what comes next, follows it. What you tell your body, it will do. Amazing, isn’t it?

So I decided that something had to change. I am still not aware why I would like to be in my final body weight, however, I think I am getting closer. So I said, “Okay God/Goddess inside of me, we need to agree to change a few things here. The outer world stuff is just not working. Here me on this and work with me, okay you guys? Because I know you are hearing me right now so let’s go for it.” I went into the bathroom and I stood in front of my mirror, and no, I didn’t take all of my clothing to see what was wrong with me.

We are so conditioned to that. However, almost immediately my physical eyes did go to what was wrong. Wow, you know I really thought isn’t this interesting that the first thing my physical eyes will do is show me what is wrong with my body. How do I change that? I went to what I have been working with for over 24 years that got me through the worst days of separation, divorce, death in families, jobs that I didn’t like, and every other thing the world of the earth threw in my path.

I closed my eyes. Instead of staring in the mirror, I closed my eyes. I went inside and I started to talk through my heart to that God/Goddess. I knew that after 21 years of spiritual training and work, the voice of my heart and your heart is the voice of intuition. And that that voice of intuition or my pure feelings came directly from my soul. It’s the gateway of the truth, the union of divine relationship that dwells within me first. There is this little doorway. It’s called the heart chakra. It’s a Sanskrit word, it means gateway or doorway.

I knew that the heart was the gateway to my soul. I also knew that this was the power center of change for me and decided to use what I had within, instead of looking for an answer and a result, by the way, in the outside world. I stood very still and I let my body just find its own rhythm. Did you know that if you stand with your feet planted and connect with your heart and just breathe in and out, your body will start to move? It’s so am amazing. Try it and see what happens.

It’s so interesting to feel the natural movement of your body the first time. This is called connecting with the over soul or the divine matrix. Think of a spiral of energy going up and down and now guess what, you are just moving with it. By the way, I learned this process through a very well known medical doctor who has a very famous clinic in Las Vegas Nevada. So this is not some woo woo thing. He taught me to learn the process of letting my body go, connect with its own rhythm and voice through the process of standing still.

So here I am standing there barefooted in my bathroom and I quietly started silently talking to the cells of my body. I figured if science says there is a God code or intelligence inside of these cells, I am going to start using this. I am going to start using this to create a lighter body, a healthier body. I use the word light because of many implications. First of all, if I send a message that I needed to lose weight, at some point the brain will tell me I am really good at finding things, so guess what, that weight is going to come back and revisit me, Yey! I found my fat again.

So this is specifically what I did. Spirit within, spirit without, hear me clearly. We, you and I, intelligence in the cells, you and I together. Remember what it was like to be lighter within and without. We remember the lightness and tightness of our cells within and without. I ask you, I command you to go back to the time of that memory and ignite it once again, that’s all I did. I asked the God/Goddess that lives in each particle of my DNA to go back and find, to remember the lightness of the cells in the body.

I didn’t ask to lose anything. I asked for the memory of the past to be part of the present as a whole not separate memory. This is why I did it, I did it so the memory of the past would trigger my cells to talk to my brain so my head, heart and soul could work together. Here is what happened, I did this first of all in the morning and I also did nights, so kind of like when you brush your teeth. I was regular in this instruction or what I would call prayer to the inner and outer universe.

Spirit within, spirit without, hear me clearly, we remember what it was like to be lighter within and without. We remember the lightness and tightness of our cells within and without. I ask you, I command you to go back to that time of that memory and ignite it once again. The reason that it’s important to be regular in your prayer to the universe is you literally, in your head, have to be constant in that prayer for the universe and yourself to believe it’s true; your head and your ego and your mind.

Here is what started to happen very interestingly enough, my eating habits began to change. I found myself less hungry. I had a desire for different types of foods and when I ate something too heavy or too sugary, I got cramps in my stomach and pardon me, but literally I either had really bad diarrhea or a lot of gas. I am not trying to be gross here. This is how my body and your body is going to start to talk to you. Because you know if you ask the body a question is a sacred manner, it will respond in a huge way. Okay, so I got the message, my body started talking to me.

I started changing my habits because my brain believed what the cells were starting to send it as a signal. So I was coming here to Delmar California for the summer and perhaps longer, and I wanted to arrive, believe me, in the land of beautiful bodies a lot lighter. Guess what, in the first three months I dropped 12 pounds. Now that may not sound like a lot, but remember, no quick fixes. But here is the thing, it worked. I am not saying my body is perfect. I still have my days of eating chocolate, but when I do I am more conscious.

I eat smaller pieces and I eat only really good organic chocolate or Belgium chocolate. Did you know that in many chocolate companies in the United States, they actually put wax in their formula to give chocolate that shiny look? It makes you think about what you are putting in your mouth, doesn’t it? It’s okay to eat good things. This is not about starving yourself, but learn to replace. I mean every good diet book is going to tell you instead of eating white rice eat brown rice, instead of eating a white potato get a sweet potato or a yam.

The texture and the taste is there, but you are doing things that are less carbohydrate based and they are not turning into sugar. It’s not about deprivation. I needed to and I still do, I needed to remind myself to stay true to my program of talking to the cells so the body would respond. Of course I really feel for me that the universe always supports me in my requests, because you know why, I won’t accept anything other than that. I believe that I have this incredible connection with the universe not because I am so special, it’s my faith, not my religion. It’s what I believe.

I think whenever I get a client that calls and we start about health and body issues, it’s sort of a reminder to me through my clients that I need again to pay attention, not only so I can be of service to them, but I always feel that everyone that is coming, there is a message there for me too. It’s a mirror reflection for me to take a look at. All these months ago, guess what the big theme was, weight loss. I started to share this ritual of standing in front of the mirror with my eyes closed, by the way. I wanted to go in a world and talking to my cells and my God/Goddess intelligence that lives within. My clients really did pay attention.

I was thrilled, I think I told you. This client called me and said, you know, it took her a couple of two or three weeks, but she lost eight pounds. I said that is awesome. So how did that happen? “Well, I have more energy now and instead of sitting home and saying I don’t want to for a walk, I walk.” So here is the thing, it’s not about losing, let’s say release and let go, not lost. When I saw her she was really glowing. She was walking more, she came to my house to bring a friend to see me and sat down on my patio and I said, “What are you reading?” And she said, “A book on nutrition.” She became more conscious.

So here is the message, look, don’t be afraid to ask yourselves for what you want in results in your outer world, including a healthy body first. Not necessarily because you want to get into that size two bikini, it’s got to come from self consciousness, good health, good well being. It has to be for your best, highest and holiest good and be practical in the world. Remember, miracles come in lots of packages. That first miracle is really you. No one is in control for your eating in your life other than you. Are you consuming prayer? Is that the higher vibration that is working though you or is it a bunch of bread?

No one’s opinion of you is more important than your opinion of yourself. Stop looking at what is wrong and missing and look at what is there. The brightest light in the universe lives inside of you. Start talking, watch the results. I am really thanking you for going within so you can lose from the inside out. You are consuming divine light which is healing you at many levels. The end result is your life will change. Your body will change. Instead of seeing what is wrong with you and the world around you, you will start to see what is right.

So I encourage you to apply this principle of standing in front of the mirror with your eyes closed, losing with from the inside out. So one more time, let’s just go over it. Spirit within, spirit without, hear me clearly. We, you and I together, remember what it was like when I was lighter within and lighter without. We remember the lightness and tightness of our cells within and without. I ask you, I command you to go back to the time of that memory and ignite it once again.

Have fun with this you guys. I would love to see what your results are. Many blessings, this is Johanna Carroll from Sedona Arizona and Delmar California. The name of our show is messages from spirit. You will find us under the podcast listings of spirituality; many blessings, bye.

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