ptpPsychic Development Training Program by Johanna Carroll

International psychic Johanna Carroll offers Get Psyched! a custom intuitive training program where you work one-on-one from your home with Johanna Carroll to develop your psychic abilities. More about Psychic Training Program.

Psychic Training Program
How to develop your intuition to create more peace, success and fulfillment

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queenThe Queen Who Lost Her Castle

Beauty Queen from Heart Land
discovers ancient beauty secret;
the Five Laws of Light

The Queen Who Lost Her Castle

Young Adult
Trade Paperback
Size: 6″ x 9″
108 pages

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ResizeImageHandlerA Dialogue with Divinity

Non Fiction
128 Pages
Trade Paperback
Size: 6″ x 9″
Price: $13.95

Author: Johanna Carroll


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mmMary Magdalene / her voice through Johanna

 My Greatest Love, My Greatest Sorrow

Our Mary Magdalene book reveals new teachings and channeled guidance through Johanna Carroll in this insightful and personal spiritual book. This Mary Magdalene book is available as a profound spiritual book of our times where Mary reveals many secrets about her life with Jesus as his favorite disciple.

This loving and brilliant book is filled with a greater understanding of her mission on earth, her life with Yeshua and teaches us the value of true divine love.  A group of 48 women were posed the question: if you could ask Mary anything today what would it be? The responses to these relevant questions of today are insightful and may even surprise you!  You may purchase this book at for Kindle books, Nook, Google books and iTunes.

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cdcCustomized meditation CD Mindful Meditation

A customized meditation Mp3 or CD created specifically for you.

Approximately 1 hour.

A customized meditation Mp3 or CD cost:

Audio File (mp3) Download $150
to have a CD mailed to you please add $6.50

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cdc4 Steps To Heaven Audio Spiritual Seminar – Instant Download

4 Steps to Heaven: Sacred Footsteps to Higher Awareness
4 Steps to Heaven is a set of four distinct steps that comes packed with life tools that you can apply that will take you in the right direction with clarity, purpose and passion to live a better and happier life.

You will be able to discern not only where you are, but where you are going with the ability IN THE MOMENT to move forward with a lighter heart and a clearer direction.

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cdcSoul of Sedona Audio Guide Book

Sedona Travel and Vortex
This Sedona audio guidebook tells you everything about Sedona; the history, the mystery, the vortex, and the red rocks geology.

Great Sedona travel and vortex detail and Sedona audio guidebook format in downloadable file.

If you are interested in learning more about Sedona, or planning a visit this Sedona travel and vortex audio guide is a must have experience. More Information on Sedona Audio Guidebook and how to Buy.

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Healing Heartache

HEALING HEARTACHE is a 3-part Webinar series that gives you the spiritual ‘how to tools’ to move through and beyond heartache. Johanna has developed a 5 step Personal Progressive Pathway that will help you heal. Additionally you will learn how to consciously navigate all types of relationships; family, friends, work, lovers, spouses and children from a spiritual and healthy point of view.

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cdcPsychic Readings – Private Sessions

International psychic Johanna Carroll has been doing psychic reading and spiritual seminars for over thirty years. Her first psychic reading resulted in a Private Session for a woman named Jan.

Jan called and had heard through a friend that Johanna was a gifted psychic even though she did not do psychic readings professionally at that time. Jan told Johanna that she needed help because her husband was trying to take her adopted child away from her through a divorce.

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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.