Psychic Reading & Private Session with Johanna Carroll

irOften referred to as a “psychic reading“, this one-hour private session with Johanna is on an appointment basis. Choose a day and time that works for you and plan on spending an incredible hour taking the soul journey with your teachers and guides.

Sessions with Johanna Carroll can be conducted by phone or in person. Please call (760) 891-0227 for all scheduling information or any questions you may have.

Psychic Reading & Private Session Details:

Private Sessions are psychic readings that include spiritual counseling and metaphysical teachings.  Johanna Carroll receives detailed channeled messages on all aspects of your life to give you both spiritual and practical information for your daily decision making. The psychic reading is for one hour. Please find above a selection and description of the type of psychic readings that are currently available.  Recorded on Mp3 or CD for your convenience and continual review. Spiritual seminar information, spiritual books, travel and psychic training information is also available on this site.

Johanna has been doing this work for thirty years. Her international clients often tell her, “You are the brightest light in my life, thank you for helping me!”

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Our cancellation policy is a minimum of 24 hours in advance or the entire reserved session fee will be charged. We appreciate your understanding.


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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.