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johanna carrollInternational psychic Johanna Carroll has been doing psychic reading and spiritual seminars for over thirty years. Her first psychic reading resulted in a Private Session for a woman named Jan.

Jan called and had heard through a friend that Johanna was a gifted psychic even though she did not do psychic readings professionally at that time. Jan told Johanna that she needed help because her husband was trying to take her adopted child away from her through a divorce.

Although Johanna was hesitant to do a Private Session she felt guided within to be of service to Jan as her dream had been to have a child her whole life and she was in risk of losing this child.

In the psychic reading with Jan, Johanna was guided to inform Jan that her husband was a bigamist and that she needed to hire a private detective to validate this information. She was also told to take this information to her attorney which Jan, in turn actually did.

Spiritual Momma Moments

The attorney then became psychic reading #2 and now Johanna was consulted continually by the attorney and Jan. As a result of this psychic reading information, Jan was able to remain a Mom and Johanna is now in the law records of San Diego County relative to this psychic reading information.

Subsequently, they were all invited to be on a TV show in Los Angeles called The Other Side where everyone told their story. This was the beginning of a powerful private practice for Johanna to give psychic readings and Private Sessions and to use these skills to be of service to the world.

She subsequently left corporate America and devoted her entire life to the world of spirituality. Johanna began to teach spiritual seminars as part of her private practice which she continues to do after thirty years as a spiritual author, professional psychic reader and spiritual teacher.

These spiritual seminars have expanded to include travel to Provence, France and Malta to honor the divine feminine and further the mystery school teachings of Mary Magdalene who began to speak to Johanna a number of years ago. This latest channeled work is included in her third book My Greatest Love / My Greatest Sorrow.

Johanna purchased her first Sedona home over fifteen years ago and became one of the most sought after Sedona psychics. She currently is living in her San Marcos, California where she lives by the ocean offering psychic readings, writing her fourth book and preparing on-line spiritual seminars to reach people worldwide from the convenience of their private homes.

Private Sessions are psychic readings that include spiritual counseling and metaphysical teachings.  Johanna Carroll receives detailed channeled messages on all aspects of your life to give you both spiritual and practical information for your daily decision making.

The psychic reading is for one hour. Please find above a selection and description of the type of psychic readings that are currently available. All psychic readings are recorded on an Mp3 or CD for your convenience.

Spiritual seminar information, spiritual books, travel and psychic training information is also available on this site.


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Johanna Carroll

Johanna Carroll is a spiritual teacher, gifted psychic & intuitive, professional speaker, and a book author currently residing in California.