A Spiritual and Astrological Perspective – What is the Lotus?

Spiritual Momma Moments

Well, first of all let me just say about the book. I love writing spiritual books for women as much as I love offering healing retreats for women. The book was actually in the woo-woo world, called the Channel’s book. The only way I could explain channeling is think of yourself like a straw, and information is poured down into you. And then as the scribe for this book, it was my job or role to basically write down what was being channeled through. One of the things, I do want to comment on are the cycles or ages spoken about in Mayan prophecies.

While doing my spiritual healing retreats for women in various countries, I have often seen spirals used to represent the cycles of life in ancient artwork. The Mayan prophecy, the ending of that cycle, and in the beginning of the cycle and actually even in the Mayan teachings, they really do talk about the fact that we are entering in  time right now that they call the Great Cycle. We live in this polarized environment and we have fear of being bombarded politically and financially. All you have to do is turn on the television, read a newspaper. So there is a lot of clashing energy. I was a child of the 1960s as well, and what was the theme then, “Make love not war.” Here we are all over again, back at that same cycle. While doing my spiritual retreats for women in Malta, I have seen so many cycles represented as a spiral shown in the ancient goddess temples.

Love to me is divine wholeness. A lot of is feel fractured right now. It’s like we feel lost, not only as individual people but as a country, as a global nation that we have become internationally. We look at the money systems. We look at what is happening in Egypt right now. On a personal level, in the Hindu teachings, they talk about the cycles of the Yugas. One of the teachings right now is in their teachings that we are in what is called the Kali Yuga.

You think of Kali energy, you know, Kali was the goddess of — when she walked into the room everything went into chaos. But out of that chaos is a birthing out through the Maya. The Maya is the mud of life. It’s the darkness, it’s the heaviness. And the kali Yuga is known as a very dark time. But darkness doesn’t necessarily mean we are all going to die and the end of the earth is here. But the end of how we lived our life, from a perspective or a view point of fear and waiting for something to go wrong through that Maya or that mud, the Lotus is born.

What is the Lotus? It’s very symbolic of what is called the thousand petals of the brain, where we have it all within us. We really don’t have to go outside. We have various tools to assist us and the universe has been very generous in the gifting of those tools which I feel in this time of darkness on some level, and revolution on some level, is really asking us on a person level, where are you at conflict with yourself? Where are your internal and external clashes? What is showing up for you that you are resisting and persisting? How do you look at the world and what is being told to you, that by the way is very manipulated as we all know.

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